Shabby Chic Vanity Goes Rock and Roll

Shabby Chic Vanity Goes Rock and Roll

I found this darling vintage drexel heritage vanity at a garage sale for $10. I know…I know…I couldn’t believe it either. I loved everything about it, the colors, the dainty legs, and the hidden mirror. But it looked like it … Continue reading

re-upholster a chair in one hour or less

How to quickly, cheaply and easily re-upholster a chair

So I bought this adorable chair at a yard sale for $5. I loved everything about it, the colors, etc. 

Even the details were perfect. However, the cushion looked flat and made the colors look dated because of its condition. I decided the cushion had to go. I have a few other tutorials in my blog see: chevron-rocking-chair and chevron sea foam chair re-upholstery

As with every chair re-upholstery, turn the chair over and unscrew the cushion.  
Remove the Cushion, if you wanted to paint the chair now would be the time. 

I didn’t feel like trying to start from scratch so I cheated. I cut open the existing upholstery which was old and deflated. Then I took some craft stuffing I had lying around, and began to fill the back of the cushion up. I  used an old wooden spoon to fill the crevices evenly. 
As you can see, there was plenty of room…
Filling the back of the cushion up still seemed to leave some uneven lumps and bumps so I cut a small opening in the front of the cushion to move stuffing around and create the most even appearance I could. 
After I felt satisfied I grabbed a cute piece of owl duck cloth and went to work, stapling the fabric directly over the existing re-stuffed cushion, pulling as tightly as possible. 

Once you’ve covered the existing cushion, screw the cushion back on and Voila!
Now I know some of you may wonder why I painted the chair white, I re-did this desk for my niece and I needed a chair to match. Whooo Hoooo