How To Mod Podge Furniture DIY

How to Mod Podge furniture
I bought this cute little desk from a garage sale for $10. In great shape but the colors were dated and the knobs didn’t match. 
First, I removed the knobs and bought 4 faux glass knobs from Home Depot, $1.99 a piece. Then, I sanded down the piece with my Ryobi sander and white washed this piece for a shabby chic look. To white wash, I use two parts paint and 1 part water.  Make sure your brush stays dry and only apply a small amount of paint at a time by swiping the strokes back and forth.
The top of this piece was a glossy formica that wouldn’t take paint and would take too long too sand off. I wanted a quick fix so I grabbed a roll of houndstooth wrapping paper and a jar of modge podge. Once you are finished painting the piece, apply a small layer of modge podge directly on the top of the furniture piece. Then unroll the wrapping paper onto the table top smoothing out all the air bubbles. Once you are satisfied with it’s placement, cut off the excess paper around the edges with scissors and apply another thin layer of mod podge on top of the wrapped table top. Make sure to wipe off the sides and under the overhang with a wet cloth and allow the piece to dry overnight or until it isn’t tacky to the touch.
After the top of the table dries, touch up any areas where the mod podge can be visibly noticed. Screw the knobs back on and Voila! The $10 desk looks fashionable and new again!

P.S. the insides of the desk were pretty clean so I used some drawer liner papers from the dollar store and lined the insides of the drawers and used a grey paint to accent the indentations!