Resin & Epoxy on Furniture

How to use resin/epoxy on furniture:

I Purchased this table from a local garage sale for $2. It was red, chipped and on its last leg.
First, I sanded the table and re-enforced the legs with a screw directly on top of the table, I knew that I would be covering it up with fabric. Paint with a primer and then a color.
Next measure and cut the fabric you are going to use to cover the table. Paint a layer of Mod Podge and then lay the fabric on top allowing it to dry. This will ensure that your fabric will stay put when coating it with resin. I have seen other DIY-ers coat the fabric with Mod Podge and don’t give it the resin coat. In this case the table had a dip in the wood and I wanted to even it out so drinks didn’t spill when I used it.
Mod Podge is great for furniture projects.
After the mod podge dries, the last step is to epoxy the table.
I purchased this kit from Home Depot, follow the instructions making sure to only work on your project in a ventilated area. The epoxy/resin has a powerful chemical smell. It’s also important to let the project dry in a clean, bug and dust free area. It takes 24 hours to dry and if a fly lands in your epoxy, it may ruin the project. In the picture above you can see a dog hair landed and will forever be in the epoxy coat.
Something else to note, Because I chose a grey and white duck cloth fabric, the paint shows through the fabric after the epoxy was added. I couldn’t tell this was the case with just the Mod Podge layer. Make sure that if you are using a light colored fabric to paint the area you are covering carefully. Because I happen to like the effect of the under paint has on the table, I don’t mind, but I would be upset if I was surprised with this after all my hard work.

Thanks for reading!

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Create your own canvas DIY wall art

wooden frame

My mother is an artist and left me a couple of wooden canvas frames. These can be purchased at any art store.

I decided upon a new project because have an “entertainment” center that I couldn’t find the proper place for in my TV family room. It’s a great big open room but the way it is shaped didn’t make it easy to set the TV up in a comfortable viewing place. We decided to set the center up in the corner of the room to bring the TV closer to our couches. Only because of the size of the center, the TV stuck out about 5 feet from the corner behind it. It didn’t look right so we decided to make a screen to go behind the TV to give the illusion of a wall.

Starting with a wooden canvas frame, measure the length of fabric you would need allowing for excess to wrap around and secure to the back.


As you can see here I cut it really close!!!!! Using a staple gun, pull the fabric tight and staple all the way around the frame.


Voila! We using round hooks screwed to the ceiling, string, and a measuring tape to hang the DIY wall art to the ceiling. This was abstract upholstery fabric we liked from Joanns fabric store.


I like the idea of using fabric as a quick and easy way to decorate a room. Of course if you are artistic enough, making your own canvas art would be amazing too!

Here is a great link from Better Home and Gardens I came across too!