DIY leather webbed seat

DIY webbed seating

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Picked this chair up from an estate sale in La Jolla (Bird Rock) today. The best way I’ve found [to search for] up and coming sales is to register with and AND/OR checking Some of you … Continue reading

re-upholster a chair in one hour or less

How to quickly, cheaply and easily re-upholster a chair

So I bought this adorable chair at a yard sale for $5. I loved everything about it, the colors, etc. 

Even the details were perfect. However, the cushion looked flat and made the colors look dated because of its condition. I decided the cushion had to go. I have a few other tutorials in my blog see: chevron-rocking-chair and chevron sea foam chair re-upholstery

As with every chair re-upholstery, turn the chair over and unscrew the cushion.  
Remove the Cushion, if you wanted to paint the chair now would be the time. 

I didn’t feel like trying to start from scratch so I cheated. I cut open the existing upholstery which was old and deflated. Then I took some craft stuffing I had lying around, and began to fill the back of the cushion up. I  used an old wooden spoon to fill the crevices evenly. 
As you can see, there was plenty of room…
Filling the back of the cushion up still seemed to leave some uneven lumps and bumps so I cut a small opening in the front of the cushion to move stuffing around and create the most even appearance I could. 
After I felt satisfied I grabbed a cute piece of owl duck cloth and went to work, stapling the fabric directly over the existing re-stuffed cushion, pulling as tightly as possible. 

Once you’ve covered the existing cushion, screw the cushion back on and Voila!
Now I know some of you may wonder why I painted the chair white, I re-did this desk for my niece and I needed a chair to match. Whooo Hoooo



Chevron Rocking Chair Revised

How to Re-Do a Rocking Chair
I purchased this oversized rocking chair at a garage sale for $5. It was wobbly, chipped, and the seat was awful, not very inviting. 
This blog will show you how to replace an ugly rattan/wicker seat in an otherwise good chair. 

Not only was the seat coming apart but it was cracking and chipped. 

First order of business was to sand off as much chipped paint as possible. This Ryobi hand sander is great for projects like this. I use 120 grit sandpaper.

As you can see the paint is easily sanded off. 

Next, it’s time to cut out the rotted stinky gross wicker. Enter handsaw. 

Looking better already

After all the wicker is removed you will discover a wooden frame where the seat it, remove this and save for later. 

When I tried to remove the wooden frame, the arm rests were in the way. Just look for a screw where the arm rest is attached, remove, and save for later. 

Also, turn the chair up-side-down and remove the screws holding the seat frame in place. Save for later. 

Once you remove the arm rests, the seat frame easily pops out. 

Now, trace the seat frame onto a piece of particle board. One that will be thick enough (1/2 inch) to use as a seat. You can toss the seat frame out once you’ve traced onto new seat.

Now the chair is ready for a primer, a favorite trick of mine is to go to the Home Depot paint department and check out the discounted paint. These items were usually a mistake or a return that they mark down dramatically. Sometime the colors are funky but I got this pale blue paint + primer sample for .50 cents. It was enough paint to coat the chair twice with primer. 
While I live in Phoenix and it’s too hot to re-finish furniture outside, I get the majority of my projects done at night in my family room. I use an old sheet for a drop cloth. I painted the chair with Behr Premium Gloss in Ultra Bright White.
After you cut the wood out you need to get foam or stuffing to create a soft seat. 

In this case I found an old goose down pillow that seemed to be about the right size. 

lay the fabric you choose over the pillow to make sure the design is where you want it. This fabric is from Hobby Lobby (they have the best selection in Scottsdale) Plus you can show them an email in your phone for a 40% off coupon. 

Now it’s time to get the staple gun out. These were scary at first but now I love using it!

Staple the fabric in place making sure to pull tightly. 

Gather the corners as neat as you can. 

After the first round of staples I always do a second round making sure to get as many staples as possible. The cushion can look sloppy if there are any gaps. 

After you paint and make the cusion you are ready to put all in place. Use a screw gun to return the screws the secure the chair. 

Voila! A 5$ garage sale chair can look new again!!!!!

Thank you for reading

Chair Re-upholstery, How to DIY Sea Foam Table and Chairs

How to re-upholster and re-do this cute table and chairs
I purchased this glass table top and chair set from a local garage sale in Paradise Valley for $20. It was in pretty good condition, they weren’t wobbly and no broken parts. Great candidate for a re-do. First I removed the cushions, if you turn most chairs up-side-down, you will find screws. Remove the screws and off come the cushions. 
After removing the screws, I re-covered the chairs with a Chevron printed Duck Cloth I purchased from Hobby Lobby in Scottsdale. I have found that they have a more fashionable fabric selection than Joanns and will take a coupon from an email on your iPhone.

In case you were wondering, you can pull the fabric tight and then staple down with a staple gun. Staple guns  can be scary at first but keep your fingers out of the way and they are pretty easy to use.
I thought that a sea foam color would go great with my new beach themed guest room. Although we are 350 miles away from the nearest beach I thought it would be a fun and refreshing motif. 
I had a hard time deciding on what color to paint this fancy little table and chairs. I posted a before pic on instagram and I had several votes for yellow & robins egg blue but I finally opted for a sea foam. This pic looks a little blue-ish but if definitely gives off more of a mint color in person.

Oh and it might help if I let you know the color…Martha Stewart-Sea Glass. Since Glidden is making all of Marthas colors at Home Depot now, I was able to get this semi-gloss with a paint + primer thus saving me a step.

Thanks for reading!