Check out Christine’s Bicycle Basket Liner Addition! She added a tri-pouch pocket, a cupholder and a keychain!

We love to see what creative and inventive additions our fellow designers come up with. Today we are featuring Christine from Anderson, SC. She’s a mom with two young children. Christine contacted us via etsy and asked if we could add a pocket tutorial to our pattern. Of course! What a brilliant idea! So with that she hit the ground running….or should I say biking….


image image

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a sewing project! As you will see, I further customized the pattern from other things I’ve seen and wanted on my bike basket liner. I used pre-made canvas straps, I used some of the strapping to make loops to put a water bottle through, I made one large pocket on one side, a second pocket on the other side I divided into three sections for my cell phone, my eyeglasses, and a credit card drivers license and money with a snap on the top of that section. I also added a piece of cardboard with a removable cover that matches the inside of the bag into the bottom of the bag for more stability when it’s in the bike basket.

Thanks so much!!!!!”


We just adore Christine’s liner, aren’t the fabrics divine!? I love how she organized the liner to hold all her items while on the go, not to mention she saved time by sewing in pre-made canvas straps….brilliant for a busy mom who doesn’t have extra time on her hands.

Thank you for sharing Christine! Now enjoy the weekend with your sweet new liner!

Click here if you are interested in purchasing a bicycle basket liner pattern….just added a pocket tutorial and Bicycle seat cover extra! 4 different liners with straps and dog pillow:

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