Who doesn’t love a neon dyed pup!?!

Okay so I thought I would share since I am an avid animal and dog lover and also considered a rainbow warrior with “the” Greenpeace. I’m a girly sort of girl and don’t have any human children yet so obviously my dogs get the wrath of my experiments and spare time……..One of my more favorite experiments actually turned out really well and I thought I would share.

Requirements: A light haired animal

Easter Egg Dye Kit…Can be purchased at the dollar store depending on the time of year.

Vinegar and puppy bath time. I recommend Juicy Crittoure Shampoo, Conditioner, and Conditioning Spray and Pawfume. It makes them smell delicious and they really seem to like it over the cheaper sprays that make them smell like cheap chapstick scents. I’ve been buying it off ebay and it seems to run about twenty bucks per set. I’m addicted to the smell…for them….and I don’t have a clue where else to purchase it.

According to package directions of Easter Egg Dye, mix 1 cup water with one tablet of color and 3 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Give puppy bath as usual.

When finished, towel dry pup, then pour cup of color on puppy and try and let dry as much as possible without rinsing. MAKE SURE TO USE TOWELS YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT AND WEAR GLOVES and CRAPPY CLOTHES……ever dyed an easter egg?…it’s basically the same thing…

YES! They will smell like vinegar at first but it’s actually good for them. Vinegar repels parasites according to http://www.ehow.com/about_6640343_vinegar-treatment-fleas.html

Soooooo I’m not a vet or an expert but I’ve owned so many animals and grown up with them…especially dogs and I would rather color my dog with edible food coloring and vinegar than an actual chemical hair dye.

BAH BU-DAdah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enter Peanut below

how to dye your dog the non-toxic way...and believe it or not it repels fleas!

Meet Peanut…

How to color your pup the non-toxic way
Pink Poodle…how to DIY with non-toxic easter egg coloring.

Some of my Pinspiration……..photo cred goes to http://idreamofjenny.onsugar.com/Pink-Pooches-3482798

Rainbow puppies...how to dye your pup the non-toxic way

Pink Poodle
Pink Puppy…how to DIY with non-toxic easter egg coloring.

How to dye your pup the non-toxic way.......and believe it or not, it repels fleas!

2 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love a neon dyed pup!?!

  1. Thank you for this! I hate wasting all of the extra easter dye, I hope it sticks well on my mini poodle. He’ll be a hit at the easter party! 🙂

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