What’s in My Bike Basket? Featuring Shauna Kupetz

What’s in your bike basket this summer?

Inspired by the Bike

You know that “this is too good to be true” feeling when you see an email in your inbox from someone you never thought would actually email you? That’s what I thought when I got my first email from Shauna at JAM. I think I was like, no way – this can’t be real. And then it was – this amazing shop keeper was asking if I wanted to become a part of one of the most artisan-friendly shops in town! I love featuring her this week for many reasons from her wonderful spirit, talent and smarts and  – because of course, she’s all about supporting the artisans in her store with what’s in her bike basket. Be sure to stop in and meet Shauna and you just may meet one of your local favorites in the shop – you never know who is jamming.
Because I have this awesome…

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