Tattoo bar cart

Grabbed this funky little cart at a garage sale for $5. I liked the patina on the metal but wasn’t much of a fan of the wood laminate trays.

IMG_6670 IMG_6671

Thought that I would create a cart dedicated to my husbands tattoo! One of our favorite places to go when we are in Los Angeles is Trader Vic’s!


I picked up a cup and also used that as inspiration!


Follow my pattern board on Pinterest for more pattern/design ideas here

Just to give you a little taste!







Now on to the project, you will need about 2 paint pens and some paint. First I painted the wood laminate with a matte black paint I picked up in the clearance section at Home Depot. Usually these are mistakes and are marked down tremendously! A whole gallon was $7.

IMG_6673 IMG_6677





Then using a yard stick I blocked off different size sections and filled in with different patterns.

I wanted an Aztec, Polynesian, Hawaiian, Chevron, Herringbone mash up of designs so I went nuts! When finished drawing I painted on 2 coats of clear varnish to protect the design from scratches.


Now it’s time to sit back, pour a Mai Tai, and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Tattoo bar cart

  1. This is awesome! I just picked up this EXACT cart at the thrift store for $5 today and was looking for ways to revamp it! I think I’m going to go with gunmetal paint to go in the man cave but I don’t knwo what to do about the sparkly gold wheels….

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