Coffee Cart

Coffee Cart

My inspirations:

One of my husband and I’s favorite places to go in Los Angeles is trader vics at the Beverly Hilton hotel.

Trader Vics at the Beverly Hilton hotel

After one of our visits we took home a mai tai glass:

traver vics mai tai glass

I loved the herringbone pattern and decided to go with that…

Step by Step DIY tutorial for a herringbone bar or coffee cart


I purchased this kitchen cart from a garage sale. The proceeds went to the english bulldog rescue of Arizona so I paid $20. My husband absolutely hated it and didn’t want me to bring it home. Normally I wouldn’t have overpaid for such an ugly cart but it was going to a great cause!


It was dated, old and wasn’t anything special.

IMG_6299 IMG_6300 IMG_6301

The back panel of the cart was loose and the wheels barely rolled..


First, I removed the ugly handles I thought I would throw away. However, I kept them just in case.


See the broken left wheel?


The back panel wasn’t secure. I used wood glue to fill in the back corners of the panel & wheels and let dry over night.


Removed the old ugly wheels


This particular kind is most commonly found on rolling office chairs and can be popped out of place with a screwdriver.

IMG_6308 IMG_6309

The side towel handle is also removed before I started to paint.


Using my ryobi sander I tried to grind down some of the knife marks on the top cutting board. The wood was pretty porous so I didn’t need to do much sanding anywhere else. Then I used minwax glossy stain for an all over finish:

antique walnut glose

I bought some new rolling wheels from Ace hardware and installed them in the existing holes. 


Some of the cutting board marks are still visible but that didn’t really bother me. Make sure to use this stain outside.The fumes are strong and I would recommend wearing a mask and gloves.

After I was satisfied with the color (2 coats), I let the stain dry and painted the drawers and cabinets with a flat black paint. You could also use a chalkboard paint.


Then I used a yard stick to draw lines down the front of the drawers and cabinets with a white paint pen.


Fill in in the lines with the herringbone pattern.


Like I said I didn’t think I was going to reuse the old handles but since the herringbone pattern was so busy I decided to paint the old ones black and re-use them.


My husband loves coffee and was thrilled with the final project. Now he has a specific coffee cart to enjoy his morning espressos!


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