DIY shotski

DIY shotski

DIY shotski

So if you are like me you were mesmerized by watching watch what happens live, when Andy Cohen got the all mighty and powerful Martha Stewart to take a guzzlet of her cocktail by shooting it out of a SHOTSKI!? I am always up for a good time…but this my friends had to be mine!

As a guest on ‘WWHL,’ Jimmy Fallon presented Andy with this homemade Shotski. Andy has now made it a tradition to use the Shotski every Wednesday night!

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So I’ve now had the pleasure of making 3 shot skis. The easiest and most efficient way to make a shotski is to:

  1. Find an old pair of skies (or single ski) that you visually like the graphics or art as it is.
  2. Remove the old bindings, this particular ski gave me some trouble, I had to use a power drill to remove the screws that were soooo tight.
  3. Hands down the best “glue” I’ve used is a clear silicone sealant found at your local hardware store. This is the stuff they use to caulk sinks and fishtanks.
  4. Find some cool shot glasses, these particular comic ones were at Ross for $5.
  5. Once your ski is ready to go, clean it off and put a hearty dab of silicone sealant on the bottom of each. I spaced the shot glasses out about 18 inches apart.
  6. Clean off silicone overflow with a q-tip.
  7. Put something heavy on it and let sit overnight (if possible) although I think this sealant dries in a couple of hours!
  8. Drink and be merry with friends and family of all ages!!!

Optional….decorating the bottom of the ski so when people are taking a shot you have something funny written on the bottom.

*Note, the number of shot glasses you will need depends on the size of the ski. If you use a smaller or taller pair the number might vary from 3-5 shot glasses.

IMG_6851 IMG_6850 IMG_6848 IMG_6847

And now method #2, a painted shotski…..

Initially, I set out to make a couple of shotski’s as Christmas gifts for friends and family. Luckily an old man sold me these at a garage sale, $3 bucks for both. He thought I was crazy for buying junk. 
Obviously they were sitting outside in the Arizona sun for years, luckily it doesn’t matter what condition you find the ski’s in !!!

When making a natural wood shotski, the worse the condition the better!

So my first attempt of removing the top layer of coating was hopeless, (natural wood method shown below…keep scrolling)

I tried to chip off the top layer to make a beautiful exposed wood shotski like the one Bravo Andy had but it was too difficult for me so I used the nearest can of spray paint. 
Let your creative juices shine through, I happened to be making this for a friend who has a Cabin in Flagstaff, Arizona. He named it “Casa in Los Pinos”, I used a stencil and spray painted it in yellow. 
I found these sake glasses in an abandoned house I was listing and figured they’d do. Space them out to give people enough room to stand next to each other while taking a guzzlet (about 18 inches).
Since this was my first try at making a shotski, the glue I used was liquid nails, hot glue won’t work, trust me, we tested it!! Wood glue can also work, however, neither of these dries totally clear. Thats why a clear silicone sealant works the best!

Let this dry overnight. 
Finished painted and customized shotski #2

Now for method number 3 you need to throw a chisel and a hammer in the mix.

I brought the ski to my dads house and he had this funny looking tool called a chisel. He started chipping off the white layer until the ski was free of all laminate.

We then used a wood stain to give it a nice even color.

You can free hand it or use stencils but I customized it with red spray paint and stencils.

Glue on shot glasses and BOOM! You’ve got yourself the best looking drinking vessel on the planet!

IMG_6307Mimosa anyone?IMG_6368

Mimosa anyone?

Now for your viewing pleasure…Enter montage music….Hey! Ho! Let’s Go

It brings the family together and is fun for all ages!


Thanks for reading!!!!!! XOXOX Happy New Year!

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