Doily table runner

My Pinspiration!

One of my first pins onto She’s Crafty said the Beastie Boys was this amazing doily table runner. I thought it would be perfect for Christmas. Well, I set out to start collecting as many doilies that I could find (paying 1$ or less). This feat actually was more challenging than I expected. I didn’t get enough in time for Christmas so I found some Pinspiration for Valentines day. When I found a whole bin of doilies at my local thrift haunt, I was pleasantly surprised about their pink and purple color selection. At 75 cents a pop they were right on with my budget.

My Nuna and I tested out this project and here’s what we came up with. You don’t need to sew the doilies together simply place them on the table. That way you can re-use them time and time again! For her glass dining room table we used 7 large doilies and about 33 little ones. You can probably pull it off with less but we wanted our runners to be overfilled not under.


First we assessed our inventory.


We started by setting our favorite large ones on the table first.


Then we added the smaller ones.


We figured since the table was busy we would use a very simple centerpiece.


We were overjoyed with how it turned out! My Nunas doily collection is quite impressive, she has them in all shades. To achieve the different colors she said you can dye them with tea (yes the beverage). To get them to lay flat and very stiff, hand wash them, then set  them on aluminum foil and spray with starch. Lay flat while drying.




This was my interpretation. I was worried that it wouldn’t look as good because my table is white but I think the different colors turned out nicely for Valentines Day!


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