Epoxy Resin Furniture Chevron

How to use resin/epoxy on furniture:

I Purchased this table from a local garage sale for $2. It was red, chipped and on its last leg. 

Garage sale score! $2 a video by DuchessofCudia on Flickr.

First, I sanded the table and re-enforced the legs with a screw directly on top of the table, I knew that I would be covering it up with fabric. Paint with a primer and then a color. 

Next measure and cut the fabric you are going to use to cover the table. Paint a layer of Mod Podge and then lay the fabric on top allowing it to dry. This will ensure that your fabric will stay put when coating it with resin. I have seen other DIY-ers coat the fabric with Mod Podge and don’t give it the resin coat. In this case the table had a dip in the wood and I wanted to even it out so drinks didn’t spill when I used it. 
Mod Podge is great for furniture projects. 
After the mod podge dries, the last step is to epoxy the table. 
I purchased this kit from Home Depot, follow the instructions making sure to only work on your project in a ventilated area. The epoxy/resin has a powerful chemical smell. It’s also important to let the project dry in a clean, bug and dust free area. It takes 24 hours to dry and if a fly lands in your epoxy, it may ruin the project. In the picture above you can see a dog hair landed and will forever be in the epoxy coat.
Something else to note, Because I chose a grey and white duck cloth fabric, the paint shows through the fabric after the epoxy was added. I couldn’t tell this was the case with just the Mod Podge layer. Make sure that if you are using a light colored fabric to paint the area you are covering carefully. Because I happen to like the effect of the under paint has on the table, I don’t mind, but I would be upset if I was surprised with this after all my hard work.

Thanks for reading!

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