Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Paint

Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Paint

I was so excited to Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Paint in Lampblack, I thought it would make a cool finish on a vintage piece of furniture

The piece pictured was purchased at a garage sale for 5$ and was taken after I used my Ryobi hand sander to remove old paint. 

I used the primer/sealer that was recommended with the paint to prime and seal

I wouldn’t recommend using the Martha Stewart primer on top of the Lampblack Metallic Paint, it leaves thick coat and looks odd. 

As you can see the paint is very thick and the brush stroke are next to impossible to hide

If you were thinking about trying the MS  textured metallic paint, DON’T I can’t even imagine what this thick gloppy paint would look good on….maybe a flower pot but that’s about it. Save your $$$$

Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Paint is the worst and I wouldn’t recommend using it!

One thought on “Martha Stewart Textured Metallic Paint

  1. Did you use the primer OVER the textured finish, or dyou mean “this paint AND that primer AND..!” ?

    I’ve had great success using the textured finish on walls and on furniture, though I prefer the former application.

    The key is to either trowel it on and then leave it (overworking makes it look like bubble gum residue!) OR to use a brush and blend very well (enough that you can see the glitter but not the paint so much. Of course, this only rocks if you’ve used a base coat of very similar colour. When I tried using “hard frost” — a deepish grey with silver glitter — on an oyster wall, it looked like hell on a plate, aka fungus. So now I learned to stick with the same colour family, and if the Martha paint is a teeny bit lighter than basecoat, so much the better.

    Hope this helps!

    Doc @ The Saga of Glitter McNabb

    I haven’t looked into the glitter paint thing yet, but it sounds like it was supposed to be painted over the base colour that you want (in your case purple) and let dry thoroughly, like for a few days. Then you could recoat if you really wanted to, or go straight to the varnish coat. If the “paint” truly was clearish, it might be coz a regular paint wouldnt have shown the glitter very well (as I found out the hard way, sigh…).

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