How Not to Use Martha Stewart Glitter Paint

What not to do when using the Martha Stewart Glitter Paint

If you are like me than you have wandered down the Marta Stewart paint section at Home Depot and ran into the Amazing-ly fun specialty paints Martha Stewart has. The Glitter purple finish immediately caught my eye!I found this sweet little table at a local garage sale for $4 bucks. It was white and was pretty plain (sorry I don’t have a before picture but just try to imagine).

This was my first time using the MS glitter paint so I used the primer/sealer specialty finish that is supposed to go with the glitter paint.

After the “primer” dried, I started coating the white furniture piece with the glitter paint. To my dismay I discovered that the paint was actually clear with purple glitter.

Determined to have a sparkly glitter-y piece of furniture I kept coating this piece. Literally 12 times I kept coating and coating the white piece until it started to actually look purple. I had to make a second trip to Home Depot to buy more purple glitter paint, I had already come so far I wasn’t going to stop now.

In the end it turned out with the desired affect I was looking for but I spent three times what it should have cost to decorate this silly piece of furniture.

But, even though this piece had months to dry, it still hasn’t you can’t set anything heavy on the dresser even still!I wish I would have read these blogs before I wasted so much time and money: just SOLD the night stand / side table today for $35

The color turned out beautiful but never fully dried.

 I found this drawer liner at the Dollar Tree, I always love putting a drawer liner in all of my projects

 The original dresser had a two prong handle, I filled the two holes in with wood filler and painted over them. If you look very closely you can tell but it’s very hard. The cute pink knob came from target. They cost about $1.25 a piece. 

I painted the sides of the drawer in a glossy black. 

11 thoughts on “How Not to Use Martha Stewart Glitter Paint

  1. Omg I have this same night stand its from my old bedroom when I was a kid im actually stripping off the paint right …. It’s a white night stand with green trim right ? Im painting it white with that purple glitter trim now .

    • Yes! It was white when I picked it up at a garage sale. It was a super cute little side table. I started painting the white with just the martha stewart purple glitter paint and it was uneven and took waaaaay to many coats. If you want the final piece to be this purple I would suggest painting it a base coat of a solid purple and using the glitter paint as a top coat…kinda like you would a nail polish. This might save you a lot of time and money! Good luck! I would love to see a pic when you are done!

  2. Dang it! I wish I had read this before I added MS glitter paint to my child’s bookcase. I primed and painted the bookcase with a beautiful purple color. It looked great! Se wanted the glitter paint so I added a coat and it looks awful. Streaky and not smooth like I had thought. I put two coats on and it looks marginally better but what a disappointment!

  3. Well, I just painted with the Martha Stewart glitter paint in Luster Pink on top of hot pink paint on a wall in my daughter’s bedroom. It doesn’t look good at all. The salesperson at Home Depot sold us on the idea but I have to tell you, I don’t think it was meant for walls. First of all the “all paint” brush I bought to apply it with caused it to glob up in areas so I switched to my horse hair brush which helped quite a bit but you can still see every overlap mark. The wall is beadboard paneling so I chose to use a brush instead of a roller. I have no idea now what I’m going to do to improve it. Using this “paint” was more like painting with glue. Not impressed. Wish I would have gone to Lowe’s and used the packets of glitter you pour right into your gallon of paint.

  4. I also used the MS glitter paint in pink. It was wretched. A glue like finish and streaky- wish they sold it in huge buckets because this tiny tub won’t do the trick. I bought 2, hated the finish and now am returning it

  5. I’m so glad I found this. My husband was trying to talk me out of painting my whole desk this color and you helped solidify my decision. Sad times, but I appreciate you documenting what not to do

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